Upcoming Acro Yoga Workshops – April 25th!

Our next 2015 Acro Yoga Jam workshop dates are scheduled for:

April 25th

May 23rd

December 5th

All of the workshops are taught at the Danforth Yoga Sanctuary  (3rd floor) from 7-9pm.  Workshops are $20 (sorry no class passes accepted) and we encourage everyone to register online before the workshop to save time.  Please arrive early and check in at the front desk before participating in the class.  Thank you!!

Anyone who has some experience with Acro Yoga (or similar type of practice) is welcome to join. The sessions will have some structure but it will also be somewhat informal encouraging people to play and to try new things. We are hoping to bring in some special guest teachers every once in a while as well

Partners are not necessary since we’ll be mixing groups up. The warm ups will include partner and group yoga …from there anything goes!

Given this open structure we are asking that anyone joining us does have a little bit of experience in the practice to ensure we all practice mindfully and most importantly safely.

Yoga Sanctuary Workshops

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  1. Victoria Bankuti says:

    We are interested in your couples workshop. My partners name is Michael Allan. We are both in our 50s I have some yoga and dance skills… We are working on being more connected and balanced TOGETHER lol

    1. admin says:

      Hi Victoria, our next partner yoga workshop is December 6th, so i hope to see you both there!! you can register early via the yoga sancatuary website or give them a call!

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