It’s starting to feel like summer and we’re all excited about playing outdoors!

However, before you jump right in to try out the coolest thing on YouTube, make sure you have the foundation to grow and practice safely by taking a comprehensive Intro to Acro Yoga workshop!

June 5th ~ 7 to 9pm
Dance Teq Centre ~ 226 Queen Street W, 2nd floor.
Prices are $20 per student.  Please pre-register at this link.  Cheers!

Intro to Acro Yoga
Come with a friend or come alone and bring a sense of playfulness!!
Acro Yoga is an exciting blend of partner yoga, acrobatics and Thai massage.

This workshop will introduce the fundamentals of static acrobatic and partner body balancing while we deepen our connection through trust and plenty of laughter.  Topics covered:  creating a strong base using proper alignment, the secrets of flying, safety tips and the therapeutic applications of Acro Yoga.

Some experience with Ashtanga/Vinyasa yoga, gymnastics or acrobatics is recommended, as individuals should be able to hold plank, move through chaturunga dandasana with ease, and feel comfortable with being upside down.

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