and the Sati-Collection of Yoga and Meditation products are a reflection of my onging personal development, life experiences and contemplative practices.

As such, offers a directory to various meditation groups and spiritual websites respecting many traditions. Upon completion, it will also serve as an online community where people can share experiences of their Truth or Dharma in the form of various art media, be it poems, meditations, essays, photos, etc..

The potential for this community's growth and its ability to reach and touch others is entirely dependent on the wisdom offered by those who have, will and continue to take the journey inwards.

Please feel free to submit your works with a brief description to

Likewise, with the Sati-Collection of yoga and meditation supplies, we provide high quality products that respect the interconnectedness of all things. Our hope is that the Sati-Collection will also help inspire people to deepen their practice in order to develop wisdom for the sake of all beings.

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