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Klimt to Kowalik? Painting 1

Thursday, June 29th, 2006

Ok, so let’s be honest.  I’ve never considered myself an artist.  I am many things, but an artist…err nope.

I’ve been told that I can dance (as long as its not structured), am sometimes fashionable (not bad for a guy that suffers from partial red/green colour blindness), and perhaps I can even write quite eloquently on the odd occasion (not counting grammar and spelling)..but that’s as close to artist as I get.

But hey.. another thing about me is that i’m not scared of trying something new.

So here it goes, my first attempt at putting paint to canvas (I didn’t count the finger painting in kindergarten).

Hmm.. ok Klimt it isn’t, but I do think its totally me. 

The best part is i’m planning to make this a set of 2 possibly 3 pieces.

Of course, it is up for sale. 

Let’s say we start the auction at $500.



Gulane Warsame..I miss you

Tuesday, June 27th, 2006

Gulane Warsame

June 27, 1975 – December 19, 2004

Today I mourn the passing, and also celebrate the life of one of my best friends Gulane Warsame.

A man who probed the depths of his soul in the search for God, for Truth and Meaning in a world so seemingly absurd and so often full of suffering.

We spoke of:

Love, Fear, Hip-Hop, Darkness, God, Africa, Ecstasy, Islam, Culture, Racism and lovely Ladies

We shared a passion for:

Dostoevsky, blunts, Camus, Tribe Called Quest, Henry Miller, Gangstarr, the night, Gogol and basketball

He taught me:

About baseball, about Somalia, useless trivia, politics, how to pay attention to the details, about the Qur’an and that it was ok to say “I love you” to your friends.

The joy he gave me through his life and the pain I suffer in his death has taught me to acknowledge the presence of my heart and continues to awaken my potential to love.

He was a friend, a brother, an artist, a gentleman, a devil, an angel, a student, a teacher and so much more…

I love you Gulane

Rest In Peace

Journal Entries for Smarty Pants part III

Monday, June 26th, 2006

This is the third part in a series of  entries from an old journal of mine that surfaced recently.

Observations on the mind, habits and the purging of impurities

Our minds are constantly processing and cognizing current sensations i.e. hear a noise and deem it annoying/or disturbing. Out of habit the mind clings and grasps to these events, constantly producing feelings of craving and aversion.

The act of deeming the noise “annoying” triggers the body to feel aversion. This feeling or vibration then attempts to propogate or feed itself through a train of thoughts or habits that result in more energy being channeled into it.  So to continue with the example, once we “deem” the noise to be disturbing, we just can’t seem to get it out of our head, we can’t focus our awareness anywhere else.

However, if we can recognize this habit, the minds begins to settle down, and breaks the flow of energy that sustains our “annoyance”. It then becomes more sharp and pure, it starts to just experience current sensations as they are, but the habit of creating cravings and aversion sill lingers. As a result a current sensation may instead trigger strong memories or feelings from the past in order to initiate the desired result.

If these memories/events that manifest are once again just observed and energy is not given to them, the mind will continue to purge itself of “annoyances”.

An example of the process could be.. A dog barks very early in the morning while one is meditating. However, let’s say we just note that a dog barked and there is no reaction to an initial instant of annoyance. The habitual mind may then recall an instant where a dog barking early in the morning woke us up.  If we again do not react then the mind may recall a time where we had an arguement with a neighbour in regards to their barking dog.  If we now react, we’ll find that a whole new series of thoughts/attention and energy now flow in order to feed this habit and entity of “annoyance”.

However, if we can continually recognize this destructive pattern, we might be able to limit the amount of energy that goes into sustaining this habitual tendancy.  Eventually one might purge the mind of past aversions/traumas and the imprint of annoyance will become weak as it is not being fed. Eventually it may lose its hold on our minds entirely.

~ may 2004 (slightly edited)

Journal Entries for Smarty Pants Part II

Thursday, June 22nd, 2006

This is part two in a series of blog entries that stem from an old journal of my meditation entries that I found recently.

As mentioned in Part I, they tend to be quite abstract…

“What’s your Original Face?”

“Your Face.”

“My Face?”

“No Your Face”

~from a meditation 2003

What I may have experienced and why I chose to write this apparent dialogue in my journal at the time… i have no clue whatsoever… which is why I guess I like it.

However, it is without a doubt based upon the classic Zen Koan which asks something along the lines of..

“what was your original face before your parents were born?

For those not familiar with the the zen tradition of koans; they can be defined as questions, riddles or stories given by Zen Teachers to their students.  They are usually parodoxical and have no conventional solution.  However, when they are focused upon intently by the student, it may force them to move beyond logic and rationality and result in an experience of awakening or of higher consciousness. 


Journal Entries for Smarty Pants Part 1

Wednesday, June 21st, 2006

I happened across a little journal book that I bought about 3 years ago (it had “smarty pants” written in small letters on the cover so I had to buy it).

Inside, I found a few thoughts, meditations, dreams and observations scribbled down that I totally forgot about. 

Although some are quite abstract, they still seem to speak to me and make me go “hmmmmmm”

That being the case, I figured I would start a little series of blogs with my faves.


A million universes toss and turn,
ocean and waves clash,
darkness is enveloped by light, by darkness
thunder and lightening boom and bolt from the Sun
all the time being watched from within, from without 

~ from a meditation 2003