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July’s winner for the Meaning of Life Contest

Thursday, August 3rd, 2006

Wow…. another month goes by.

I’ve been pretty inactive with my blogging as I finally feel that summer has arrived and with that comes way more outdoor activites and events.

However, summer or no summer, the same contest and same question remains…. What is the meaning of life?

Well according to this month’s contest winner the meaning of life is…”how we love, cry, laugh, cling, let go, desire, celebrate, forgive, heal, have faith and say goodbye between birth and death.”
~Hortense Casillas, La Mirada, CA

Reading this month’s winner triggered an urge to submit my next one… …and so I sent it in. 

I’ll have to say I prefer my first one, but this one may tug at the heartstrings of some of the judges a bit more ;)

The meaning of life is….to radiate and reflect back the selfless love and compassion that emanates from a loved one to the entire world around you. time to analyze this. How can I work with this to explore my constantly shifting perspectives on what the meaning or purpose of life really is?

For starters…I  think that ”loved one” can be understood to mean many a thing could be your partner, your mother, family, God or your true Self.    

Most importantly, I feel that this statement touches on two very important ideas for me:

One…that the fundamental nature and force behind life is “LOVE”. A pure Consciousness that embraces and reflects all that arises within it that CAN be directly experienced by each and everyone of us

Two…that just a little taste of this “LOVE” in its untainted form when shared has the power to illuminate and transform the darkest corners of our individual and collective experience. In fact maybe that’s the whole point, we need these little tastes to actually experience this ever present bliss called LOVE. I need the loved one, to realize that I AM the loved one.