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always a student but sometimes a teacher

Wednesday, January 24th, 2007

Jan 22 about 9:30ish….

I was in a regular Vinyasa class, with a teacher I haven’t had a class with before…. I think we were just finishing up on a Marichyasana twist when she looked over at me and then said something like..

“Everyone…here at the studio we offer a yoga teacher training program, so I’d like to have one of our teachers come up to teach the next pose”

I wasn’t completely taken off guard because at the beginning of class she introduced herself to me and asked if I would be willing to perhaps lead the class through a posture or two.

And so here I am.. well focused and sweaty from my own practice..making my way up to the front of the studio (which is massive by the way) and looking at about 15 students.

I didn’t freeze, I sat down on the mat up front and led the class through 3 navasanas and lolasanas, with beginner and intermediate options. 

Ok, my voice was a bit shaky but that’s because I was practicing hard and working through the postures while speaking.

 Although it was brief, and not really that big of a deal (after all, I have led fellow Yoga Teacher Training classmates through the entire Ashtanga Primary Series)… it was wonderful!!

First of all, it was just plain fun, and secondly, I approached it with a fun attitude.. that is a great sign. 

Although I have a very outgoing and social personality I’ve always had a fear of public speaking/presenting, so to see this habitual reaction and mindset slowly diminish is just freakin cool.

More on teaching next blog…


yoga humour at its finest

Thursday, January 18th, 2007

Ok.. so I was directed to check out a site yesterday that I would like to share with my fellow yogurt practicing peeps out there.

As I wrote elsewhere on the same topic..

“I’ve been parusing this site for the past hour giggling like its my first time rolling on my back in Gaba Pindasana.”

I even posted back to the creator of the site to give him props (pun intended)

as one of my teachers often reminds us when we get too serious..

“hey, remember, it’s just yoga”

What school and what yogi/yogini type do you most identify with?


Goals and Intentions

Thursday, January 11th, 2007

So, while on the topic of the meaning of life and the New Year (see previous post)… in my first yoga class of the new year the teacher asked us to write down our goals or intentions for our yoga practice and for the upcoming year in general.

Mine were/are something along the lines of (not in any particular order)..

1) Reduce my debts! 

Credit cards, student loans, business loans, etc.. In this day and age being debt free is almost non existent.  Anyone who is out of the red ink is about 10 steps ahead of everyone else.  I know for a fact that many people that appear to have it all (materially speaking), the big house, the nice car, fancy shoes are just like me.. the loss of one or two paychecks can bring them down.

“Out of debt…into freedom” that is my new motto.      

2) Create the conditions to manifest my idea of a self sustaining “Right Livelihood”.

I think I’m on the right path here.  triplegem and the sati-collection of yoga and meditation products still feels right.  I am learning so much being an entrepreneur and I continue to get wonderful feedback on my products (especially the zafus / cushions). This year I am taking a big risk by expanding my line a bit. I will also focus on getting a few more places to retail my stuff.  The website definitely needs some fine tuning as well.

I will also be finishing up my yoga teacher training and I am so excited to see whether there is an inner teacher in me just dying to get out.  From my teaching so far, I secretly think there is.  I’ve gotten some great feedback on my teaching style, my voice/tone and I really feel great doing it. However, put 30 yoga neophytes in front of me and we’ll see how quickly I might change my tune!  ;)

Hmm…the corporate gig.. it’s idea of “right livelihood”, perhaps not, but it is a wonderful tool in my toolbox to help me work on 1 and 2 above. Not to mention the steady cash flow helps me buy the eco friendly dish soaps, body washes, organic food home delivery service etc.. and it paid for my Panama trip. 

3) Awaken to my already perfect enlightenment!

Hmm.. this is a tricky one, cuz in the ultimate realm, i’m already enlightened.  Yet in the world of relative truths this could be a lot of lifetimes of work.  So I’m going to do my best to become a more compassionate, loving, equanimous person moment by moment. 

In that regard, I hope to continue with my vigorous yoga practice and meditate more consistenly.  I hope to do my next vipassana retreat later this year as well.

So in the spirit of my positive intentions, I would just like to send out my good wishes, metta, lovingkindness to all those that stumble across this blog.

May all beings be free from suffering

May all beings be happy


new adventures, a new year and the meaning of life contest winner

Friday, January 5th, 2007

Happy New Year!

I have returned safely from a wonderful adventure and getaway in Panama! I couldn’t have asked for a better journey. A truly beautiful country filled with beautiful people!  I’ll be posting more on that (including pictures) in the near future.

Hmm..isn’t it funny how time warps when you are travelling? seems like months since I’ve been home and even longer since I’ve blogged anything…but I digress..

The winner for the Meaning of Life Contest was announced this month and so I wanted to share the winning and semi finalist entries (plus recap my own submissions) with you.

The runner-ups are as follows:

January:  “The Meaning of Life is… to prosper and share our gifts, overcoming adversity along the journey, by maintaining a twisted sense of humor during our darkest hours.” ~Joe Nicassio, Long Beach, CA.

February:  “The Meaning of Life is… embracing passionately my personal journey to wholeness… with all my heart, soul, mind and strength.” ~Elizabeth Ford, Memphis, TN.

March:  “The Meaning of Life is… understanding that this life isn’t yours, but God’s!  The next hour could be your last, therefore embrace the current moment with your whole being.”  ~Bethany Toland, Brush Prairie, WA.

April:  “The Meaning of Life is…to give the best of your unique self to the world around you.”  ~Jeannette Arangua, El Monte, CA.

May:  “The Meaning of Life is…to shake up the world.  One person, one idea, one deed, or one discovery can change the future.  Live so you won’t be forgotten.”  ~Jolen Hill, Beaumont, CA

June: “The Meaning of Life is…to accept the essential responsibility of creating beauty where there is none.” ~Gerald Dickens, Takoma Park, MD

July: “The Meaning of Life is…how we love, cry, laugh, cling, let go, desire, celebrate, forgive, heal, have faith and say goodbye between birth and death.”  ~Hortense Casillas, La Mirada, CA

August:  “The Meaning of Life is… waking up each day, wanting to make a difference and going to bed knowing that you have.”  ~Adrion Saenz, Widefield, CO

September: “The Meaning of Life is… to embark on a journey, which involves seeking and accomplishing a purpose in order to validate one’s existence.”  ~Sean Nedd, Ames, IA

My own entries were:

The meaning of life is….awakening your awareness to the Truth and Beauty that lies within you, in the world around you and in this already perfect moment

The meaning of life is….to radiate and reflect back the selfless love and compassion that emanates from a loved one to the entire world around you. 

I think my favourite submission from the runners up would be the June entry.


“The Meaning of Life is…We must all come, one-by-one, into the light of the knowledge of God to conquer fear, love others and care for the earth.”
~ J. David Donovan from Flagstaff, Arizona

Congratulations J. David Donovan! Not bad if I do say so myself.