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Guru my teacher, my dear friend moves towards the clear light

Wednesday, May 9th, 2007

This past Sunday after finding a beautiful deserted spot in the park, two friends and I dug a hole in the ground and poured out the contents of the urn.
Sitting crossed legged with my hand still covered in his ashes and touching the earth I said good bye to my companion, my friend, my teacher.. GURU. 

So many memories flashed in my mind’s eye.. going back to seeing him as a little shy pup, most likely the runt of the litter, cowering away from us. My friend DKNY and I saw something special in him..a twinkle in his eyes and a high degree of emotional intelligence that could be seen and felt.  After quite a bit of discussion and debate,  we decided on his name..and it was the right name… GURU. 

Although I wasn’t around that much for the latter part of his life, the bond that we had and the impact he still has on me can never fade away.

Guru was truly a teacher.. he taught me about patience, trust and loyalty.  He helped me see my ego with its tendancies to want to control and to dominate over things and people.  He allowed me to find solace in the park and in nature through good and bad weather conditions.  He was always there to cheer me up, a testament to an unconditional Love that before him I felt I rarely saw in the world.

Plus… man could he meditate!  He could just sit there being so still with his gaze straight and focused… he was a Zen master!

A long time ago a Zen teacher told my friend DKNY that Guru is special and to always be gentle and kind with him as he will take the form of a human being.

We both thought that would, for sure, be the case. 

But then it was time for him to go and I found myself asking.. where is he now?.. what is reincarnation?… can he feel my love? sorrow?…etc..  the endless stream of questions and doubts that always accompany the loss of a loved one..

I finally came up with the Answer… I’ve come across it before…

A monk once asked Zen Master Chao-Chou “Does a dog have buddha-nature?”

Master Chao-Chou then responded…