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a day in the park, a moment in stillness

Tuesday, July 10th, 2007

One of THOSE moments….

I spent Saturday afternoon biking around my neighbourhood.. my intention was to find some sort of quiet place in a park to relax.  Not long into my bike ride, I found the perfect spot.  I came fully prepared with my yoga travel towel/mat, my book and my mp3 player, so I set up shop.

I started off with a very short seated yoga sequence of twists and forward folds connecting me to the ground and body. 

I then finished off the wonderful book I was reading called The Life Of Milarepa (I highly recommend this read about one of Tibet’s most beloved Saints).  All the allusions to yidam’s, dakinis and Buddhas of the past present and future put me in a dreamlike frame of mind. If I was to see a being of light hovering over head at that moment, I don’t think I would have even flinched.

So while sitting in a cross legged position I hit play on my mp3 player and brought my attention to a discourse by Adyashanti.

A few minutes into a discourse about the nature of mind and what’s beyond it….  I heard this question….

“What is true..without thought?”

instantly up on hearing those words… I was plunged into a moment of intense silence and stillness.. a peak into….??..into the Mystery??

Of course..reading the above really doesn’t DO anything, it does not convey a fraction of what was experienced.. but I am guessing that due to the favourable conditions of my external environment, the awakened energy or prana in my body, plus the openness of my mind.. the “I” was temporarily extinguished into a non dual state?

I’m not sure.. I’m just sayin.. whatever it was.. it was cool.

Lululemon Community Yoga Class with Sebastian - RYT

Monday, July 9th, 2007

In the case that I do actually have local blog readers…

I’m leading a FREE community yoga class at Lululemon (Yonge and Briar Hill Location) this Sunday July 15 @ 6:30.

Bring your mat and come say hi!! 

For more info please see the lululemon link below…



touching everything…

Wednesday, July 4th, 2007

Happy Canada Day and Happy Independence Day!!

I’m back from a wonderful experience touring through Germany and most significantly Austria.  As per my last blog entry, it was indeed another adventure in body and Spirit!

I’m currently playing catch up at work, with triplegem and with my own yoga practice but I wanted to share a few pics that I just posted on my site.

Cycling Germany and Austria 2007 - Danube Trail

I also wanted to take this moment to let any local readers know about a wonderful organization that is being co-run by a friend of mine Brandi call ARISING. They will be holding a retreat Thursday July 26th - Monday July 30th 2007.

Their mission is dedicated to bringing women together to connect, create and inspire each other in a natural environment.  Their programs consist of unique retreat opportunities where they offer special workshops, yoga, meditation, team building and much more!

For more details on the organization and the retreat please visit.. 

and my quote for today…

When you touch one thing with deep awareness,
you touch everything.

~Thich Nhat Hanh