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Things are not just things…

Wednesday, August 15th, 2007

I was riding the subway on Sunday last week on my way to meet my dad….I was in a clear headed daze.. just staring down the length of the car, noting the people and feeling the movement…then a thought arose..

“Things are not just things…things are processes”

I’m not sure why it happened, but BAMN!.. everything changed.

The little girl looking at her mother become a beautiful example of a physical and psychosocial process… the relationship with her mother, my eyes taking in this thoughts.. everything became a or spiral of interrelated events.

I experienced a subtle bliss.. no space in between…not internal v.s external..everything became a kaleidoscopic swirl of processes.

I then thought of the notion of Mindfulness…

When walking, be mindful that you are walking, when eating be aware that you are eating, note mental thoughts and emotional states.  This constant awareness is said to being insight into… the nature of the mental and physical PROCESS. The true nature of the mind/body.

Buddha is my homeboy..indeed!!

The HOW and WHY of all THIS..I don’t have the slightest clue…the beautiful mystery remains for me.

All I know is that I’m not and don’t think I ever have been sold on the idea that the universe is composed of only solid objects radomly colliding in space like “billiard balls in a game of pool” when all of a sudden a consciousness and subjective experience popped out of nowhere as an
emergent property of matter.

It may be that our very BEING or these PROCESSES are what is holding everything together?

If this in any way tickles your imagination.. a fascinating exploration on theories of consciousness, materialism, idealism, process philosophy, panpsychism and similar ideas are outlined in a book that I’m reading right now  Radical Nature by Christian De Quincey

Of course, in my humble opinion, I think the best place to start or support this type of exploration is by spending time on your meditation cushion or zafu and brushing up on some Buddhism  :) that I am typing this I am also reminded of the notion of anatta or non-self.  What we take to be a permanent “I” is in fact, as I understand it, reducible to an interaction of the 5 skandhas or khandhas. So there is no “Sebastian” but just an experience or this interdependant process.

Enjoy the process!

Outdoor Wednesday Morning Yoga!

Saturday, August 4th, 2007

Wow.. summer is moving fast…I hope everyone is enjoying it!

Just a quick blog for any Toronto readers that are looking for a free yoga class on Wednesday morning.  

Lululemon asked me to take over a spot this Wednesday at their Yonge and Briar Hill Location.

Weather permitting we’ll be soaking up some rays at the little parquette by the store, if not we’ll be soaking up prana at the Bosnar Health Centre.

Come out and get your flow on!!


August 8, 2007
Location: outdoors near the store

Meet us at the store on Wednesday morning from 10-11am for an outdoor Vinyasa yoga class with Sebastian from The Bosnar Centre for Health! It’s an experience you won’t forget!!

No mat? Don’t want to get yours dirty? We have mat cleaner and mats you can borrow!

Raining? We’ll just wander down to the Bosnar Centre and use their studio!