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Subtle Realms and Dreams

Tuesday, January 29th, 2008

“If you were to die right now, what would be the feeling texture of your last moment? Are you feeling the infinite mystery of existence, so that your last moment would be one of awe and gratitude? Is your heart so wide open that your last moment would dissolve in perfect love?”
~The Way of the Superior Man

I read these lines and it triggered a recollection of a dream from the night before…

I dreamt I was in an elevator in a high office building with a coworker on the way down, when all of a sudden the elevator just dropped..the numbers of the floors just started counting down at an incredibly high speed…..I remember tensing up in the dream realizing that I’m plunging to my death, then I recall thinking in my dream “I don’t want to die in a state of fear” so I started to meditate.. I tapped into a constant sound or vibration that was so peaceful, so all pervasive..and then my dream stopped.. as if it didn’t matter what the conclusion would be.

I awoke with a trace of this feeling.. a feeling of peace and openess.

I’ve never been one to put too much stock in dreams and dreamwork, but I’ve realized that in my spiritual practice I’ve often neglected the subtle realms..energetic body work, dream analysis etc..

Now with all the physical yoga practice and breathwork, I find I can occasionally get out of my head and unite into a more complete body-mind.  I see that dreams can be a vehicle of transformation in themselves.  In addition, as my teaching skills improve I am slowly beginning to feel my way through a class, attempting to feel out the vibe of the students and working within that energetic framework instead of just imposing my planned practice on the room. 

I am indeed taking baby steps into a place where I can begin to FEEL this infinite mystery of existence in all its subtle aspects.

sweet dreams