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on the bus and the meaning of life

Thursday, August 28th, 2008

thoughts that arose on my bus ride today….

The meaning of life is to co-create a life that has meaning.

However, in order to do this we must use compassion and wisdom to involve and evolve the “I”, the “WE” and the “IT”.

triplegem at the yoga festival toronto

Thursday, August 21st, 2008

Hello lovely people!

Please come out to participate and support this wonderful event..

Festival Overview

The first Yoga Festival Toronto will take place August 22-24, 2008.  It will be an urban retreat event, featuring over 40 hours of programming, 2 daily communal meals, group meditation, and discussion/debate.

It will also feature wonderful green friendly local vendors like myself    :)
So come on out.. take some wonderful workshops and enjoy the beautiful yogic vibe in an incredible space!!


The more we share, the more we learn and the more we GROW!

Friday, August 8th, 2008

So..I’ve recently joined the GREEN TEAM here at work.  It’s one of the groups devoted to spreading the green message internally throughout the large organization that makes up my 9-5 existence.  Sure its a bit of extra work for me, but I feel like I need to devote a bit more time to my practice of karma yoga (service).

Anyways, to make a long story short I”ll be making a few green presentations to various departments over the next few weeks and I’ve been asked to contribute to our first newsletter. 

So here it is….my first draft..

GREEN EATS - Why Local? Why Organic?

At COMPANY XXX  :)  we have made a commitment to providing a comfortable and overall great experience to both our customers and employees.  This approach has been a great success and we can see how our hard work towards this commitment benefits the needs of our clients, ourselves, shareholders and on a greater scale the needs of our communities and environment.

If we can approach our food and diet with this same commitment to excellence not only can we help protect and improve our health, but we can also further benefit the environment, our communities and our economy!

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits of choosing local and organic food:

On our Health
• Organic and fresh (local) food has been found to contain higher levels of vitamins, antioxidants, mineral and nutrients
• Choosing organic food reduces our exposure to pesticides, various hormones, antibiotics, genetically modified foods (GMOs) and potentially toxic substances that are used in the industrial agriculture process and that have many negative effects on our health. 
•Organic food tastes great and you feel better about eating it!

On the environment
• Organic agriculture helps prevent various synthetic chemicals and compounds often used in fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides from polluting our soil, our water and threatening our eco-systems
• By purchasing local grown produce we help minimize the amount of fossil fuels used in the transportation of our food
• The methods employed in the organic agriculture industry attempt to recycle resources, conserve water and encourage bio diversity

On the community and economy
• By purchasing from local farmers we put our money back into our economy
• By contributing to our local economy and reducing transportation costs we can help offset the effects of rising gas/oil prices and economic fluctuations
• By supporting our farmers we can help ensure that everyone receives a fair price for their products and for their labour
• Many organic farms are small family run businesses operating in small rural communities.  By purchasing from them we can help ensure that their livelihood is supported and that the communities in which they live continue to thrive and provide more economic opportunities to others
• By interacting with local farmers we become more connected with the process of farming itself.  This exchange also helps strengthen the relationship between urban and rural communities

The more we share, the more we learn and the more we GROW!       

(I should be a slogan or jingle writer!)

What’s next?

To support the local and organic food industry we can get involved in a number of ways:
• Look around and shop at local farmer’s markets
• Visit a “pick your own” farm
• Shop in the organic section of your local food store and/or look for the grown in Ontario label
• Use an organic food delivery service. Fresh organic food delivered right to your door!

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