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Living my yoga and yoga as meditation

Monday, September 29th, 2008

I was recently approached by one of my teachers and director of the yoga sanctuary (Cynthia, who is awesome) and asked whether I would like to teach a pre registered course on Yoga as Meditation. Given my style and background it seemed to her like a good fit.

At first I was a bit hesitant, as I wasn’t sure what that would entail.  I did not want to lead or teach a formal meditation class.  But I was very excited about the idea of touching upon some deeper aspects of yoga that due to time constraints and expectation of the students for a strong physical practice often go overlooked in some classes.

So, after some thought, I realized where I wanted to go with this (although the details are still pending)…

I just want to create a safe space for people to ask themselves questions (with a little help from yours truly) while they move through a gentle series of postures.  What is yoga? What is meditation? Why do they practice yoga? Who is it that practices yoga? How does yoga manifest in their everyday life?

This last question is an important one for me as it is the key question I have been asking myself of late.

So how is yoga showing up in my life these days? The short answer: An increase in compassion and gentleness towards myself.

I realize that this compassion creates a sense of acceptance. This in turn can create the conditions for deeper awareness which brings one into the present moment.  And in that present moment, meditative states arise.

It is this burgeoning awareness in my own life that allows me to see the incredible potential that comes with the territory…

How can you love and show compassion for anyone or thing unless you first show love and compassion to yourself?

Once love and compassion is applied to the “self” you can then contemplate the emptiness and impermanence of self.. once that wisdom is completely realized then all that remains is love and compassion which radiates out to all of manifestation.

But until this realization fully blossoms into my own direct felt experience, I am happy with this little bud of compassion that is sprouting up in my life.

That is my yoga as meditation.



Meditation In Motion
with Sebastian Kowalik

Thursdays ~ 4 weeks
October 23 – November 13
7:15 - 8:30pm
$80 plus gst

Our lives are so busy, our minds so active that we rarely have the opportunity to stop and enjoy the simple feeling of being alive. In this 4 week course we will give ourselves permission to slow down and to contemplate what is taking place in our mind and heart while we practice. Using gentle flowing sequences, various postures and the breath we will explore how yoga calms the mind and allows us to bring our awareness fully into the moment. Think of it as a mini retreat, every week!

San Francisco or bust!

Tuesday, September 16th, 2008

Wow.. I haven’t even had a chance to post my el salvador pics but yet I’ve already had another exciting journey.  A very different style of travel compared to Central America but fun nonetheless!!

here’s my quick photo summary of the Bay Area in ten photos or less.’s the bay and a bridge


here’s the view from the highest point in San Fran..


here’s the ultimate tourist photo..


and of course the world’s windiest street.. good ole LOMBARD ST.


a tea tasting session in Chinatown is a must!! 


when in ROME..dress and do what the Romans do… lol!! A very flattering photo I must say! It was mostly staged for effect  ;) 


the ROCK!! 


inside the ROCK 


and I’m not sure what this was..  parking lot at the park for the homeless??