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Limited time only… triplegem buckwheat sleeping pillows!

Tuesday, November 1st, 2011

Triplegem Buckwheat Sleeping Pillow

Our eco-friendly pillows are made entirely with natural fabrics, filled with buckwheat hulls and have a velcro opening making them fully adjustable.

The buckwheat pillows permit air to flow through, allowing them to breathe. They conform perfectly to any shape to ensure maximum comfort. The buckwheat pillows help relieve neck, shoulder and spinal stress and strain.


Full size pillow at 20X26 inches fits standard pillow cases

Discreet Velcro opening allows for adjustment in height and firmness

Available in two eco fabrics:

· 55% Hemp / 45% Certified Organic Cotton – no dyes or chemicals

o Only available in Natural colour

· 55% Hemp / 45% Tencel fiber - using only low impact eco-friendly dye

o Available in two colours: Plum and Periwinkle


special offer $50 CDN

contact us via our contact page on the triplegem website for details and orders