Gulane Warsame..I miss you

Gulane Warsame

June 27, 1975 – December 19, 2004

Today I mourn the passing, and also celebrate the life of one of my best friends Gulane Warsame.

A man who probed the depths of his soul in the search for God, for Truth and Meaning in a world so seemingly absurd and so often full of suffering.

We spoke of:

Love, Fear, Hip-Hop, Darkness, God, Africa, Ecstasy, Islam, Culture, Racism and lovely Ladies

We shared a passion for:

Dostoevsky, blunts, Camus, Tribe Called Quest, Henry Miller, Gangstarr, the night, Gogol and basketball

He taught me:

About baseball, about Somalia, useless trivia, politics, how to pay attention to the details, about the Qur’an and that it was ok to say “I love you” to your friends.

The joy he gave me through his life and the pain I suffer in his death has taught me to acknowledge the presence of my heart and continues to awaken my potential to love.

He was a friend, a brother, an artist, a gentleman, a devil, an angel, a student, a teacher and so much more…

I love you Gulane

Rest In Peace

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