Goals and Intentions

So, while on the topic of the meaning of life and the New Year (see previous post)… in my first yoga class of the new year the teacher asked us to write down our goals or intentions for our yoga practice and for the upcoming year in general.

Mine were/are something along the lines of (not in any particular order)..

1) Reduce my debts! 

Credit cards, student loans, business loans, etc.. In this day and age being debt free is almost non existent.  Anyone who is out of the red ink is about 10 steps ahead of everyone else.  I know for a fact that many people that appear to have it all (materially speaking), the big house, the nice car, fancy shoes are just like me.. the loss of one or two paychecks can bring them down.

“Out of debt…into freedom” that is my new motto.      

2) Create the conditions to manifest my idea of a self sustaining “Right Livelihood”.

I think I’m on the right path here.  triplegem and the sati-collection of yoga and meditation products still feels right.  I am learning so much being an entrepreneur and I continue to get wonderful feedback on my products (especially the zafus / cushions). This year I am taking a big risk by expanding my line a bit. I will also focus on getting a few more places to retail my stuff.  The website definitely needs some fine tuning as well.

I will also be finishing up my yoga teacher training and I am so excited to see whether there is an inner teacher in me just dying to get out.  From my teaching so far, I secretly think there is.  I’ve gotten some great feedback on my teaching style, my voice/tone and I really feel great doing it. However, put 30 yoga neophytes in front of me and we’ll see how quickly I might change my tune!  ;)

Hmm…the corporate gig.. it’s tough..my idea of “right livelihood”, perhaps not, but it is a wonderful tool in my toolbox to help me work on 1 and 2 above. Not to mention the steady cash flow helps me buy the eco friendly dish soaps, body washes, organic food home delivery service etc.. and it paid for my Panama trip. 

3) Awaken to my already perfect enlightenment!

Hmm.. this is a tricky one, cuz in the ultimate realm, i’m already enlightened.  Yet in the world of relative truths this could be a lot of lifetimes of work.  So I’m going to do my best to become a more compassionate, loving, equanimous person moment by moment. 

In that regard, I hope to continue with my vigorous yoga practice and meditate more consistenly.  I hope to do my next vipassana retreat later this year as well.

So in the spirit of my positive intentions, I would just like to send out my good wishes, metta, lovingkindness to all those that stumble across this blog.

May all beings be free from suffering

May all beings be happy


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