always a student but sometimes a teacher

Jan 22 about 9:30ish….

I was in a regular Vinyasa class, with a teacher I haven’t had a class with before…. I think we were just finishing up on a Marichyasana twist when she looked over at me and then said something like..

“Everyone…here at the studio we offer a yoga teacher training program, so I’d like to have one of our teachers come up to teach the next pose”

I wasn’t completely taken off guard because at the beginning of class she introduced herself to me and asked if I would be willing to perhaps lead the class through a posture or two.

And so here I am.. well focused and sweaty from my own practice..making my way up to the front of the studio (which is massive by the way) and looking at about 15 students.

I didn’t freeze, I sat down on the mat up front and led the class through 3 navasanas and lolasanas, with beginner and intermediate options. 

Ok, my voice was a bit shaky but that’s because I was practicing hard and working through the postures while speaking.

 Although it was brief, and not really that big of a deal (after all, I have led fellow Yoga Teacher Training classmates through the entire Ashtanga Primary Series)… it was wonderful!!

First of all, it was just plain fun, and secondly, I approached it with a fun attitude.. that is a great sign. 

Although I have a very outgoing and social personality I’ve always had a fear of public speaking/presenting, so to see this habitual reaction and mindset slowly diminish is just freakin cool.

More on teaching next blog…


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