Panama Pics Part III where were we?

I think we left off in the Caribbean…so the next leg of our journey was to head into Panama City. 

To make as much use of our time we wound up taking a national airline from the Bocas to Panama City. It wound up saving us a lot of time and it was a very affordable flight, probably not much more than the cost of all the buses we would have had to take to the city.

We spent a night wining and dining in Panama and it was interesting to note there seems to be a real popular trend for smoking with Hookah or Shisa pipes)  So as the saying goes..”when in Rome”. 

It was quite a nice apple flavoured tobacco and it was really weird to be smoking which is something I haven’t done in at least 5 years now, with perhaps the exception of a very rare cigar puff for a special occasion.

We also attempted to experience the famous shopping in Panama, so we headed to the biggest mall in town.

Both my girlfriend and I were disappointed..didn’t seem like anything special at all. The thing is though we didn’t check out the ”FREE ZONE” located in Colon which is about 45 min outside of Panama City. This is the world’s largest duty free zone where the deals are supposedly amazing!

Oh well…its not like I had room for anything else in my backpack anyways.

Next up on the Panama City tour was Casco Viejo, the historic centre of Panama. It reminded me very much of Europe with its narrow winding streets and churches. Most of the pics below are from there.

Casco Viejo is where you’ll find the home of the President, monuments to the French builders who began work on the canal, art galleries located in what used to be cells/torture chambers (talk about weird vibrations?), the Canal Museum, some old monastaries, churches, a really interesting urban soccer field and the Museum of National History.



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