Radical Subjectivity

As some of you may know I am an avid reader of both philosophy and spirituality with a heavy emphasis on Buddhism…

I learned an important lesson some time ago (via my frustration at all the paradoxes inherant in the spiritual texts and a little flash of Awareness) that in the realm of metaphysics, spirituality, etc..the proof is in the pudding. The highest truths can not be viewed solely in the light of reason and logic as Truth (with a capital “T”) lies far beyond there, but direct experience of Truth is possible. I always try to keep this in mind as I read certain things. 

Some of you may ask “why read at all then?”…well good point, but the reading of certain books does keep my monkey mind focused on the process of evolving my self to become aware of my SELF.

Anyways, I’m preaching to the choir here, so to make a long story short I came across a quote from a book that I am reading that struck me as quite profound (especially the bold part).  It really resonated with something in my intellect (which often feels limited, especially on weekends and Mondays) and more importantly with something deeper (although I have no clue what that “deeper” thing really is) so I wanted to share..

“Q: How does one find Reality?

A: Truth is radical subjectivity. With the collapse of the illusions of duality,  including the supposed reality of a separate “self” there remains only the state of the Infinite “I” which is the manifestion of the Unmanifest as the Self.

There is neither subject nor object. Like infinite space, there is no distance, time, duration, or locality.  All prevails simultaneously. All is self evident, self-aware, self-revealing and total. ”

pg. 129

source: I: Reality and Subjectivity by David R. Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D.

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