Oh..the irony of a yogi on the move..

Mr. Yoga on the go go go

For someone who seemingly spends almost all of their waking hours, reading/talking about yoga or buddhism..is either in a studio for teacher training, regular practice, or teaching… plus working on my line of yoga and meditation products I’d expect myself to be a bit more chill, in the “NOW”,  and most importantly patient when going through my day.

Herein lies the irony…

1) As noted above, I have an expectation of what yoga and meditation is supposed to do or make me..which is already distorting things big time.

2) I’m so used to having to be somewhere yogic at a certain time, that I’m often in a non-mindful rush and my patience for people in the subways, on the sidewalks, in lineups is non-existent.  I get frustrated and so impatient if people aren’t moving as fast as I think they should be or just aren’t “mindful” enough of their environment to get out of my way.

3) I spend so much time doing asanas or exploring yoga theory/philosophy that my actual sitting meditation time has decreased dramatically! It’s like I’m going backwards here!?  Isn’t asana largely about preparing one’s mind and body for deep meditation?

4) When I do find alone time..what do I do? I try to keep on being busy…I look for other stuff I could be doing?  Yikes.. Yoga and Buddhism speak about identifying and untying the knots of our habitual conditioning, our sankharas/samskaras and here I am stuck in the pattern!!

At least I can find some humour in it all though.. things change.. all is impermanent..

I have my yoga teacher training finishing up soon, my new product line is complete and so maybe I’ll be able to get some downtime and focus back.

But you know what? All this physical yoga stuff really comes in handy.

For example.. when I push my way through the crowds and shove slow moving, “unaware” people out of my way, I do so with much more strength, coordination and with a better posture then ever before.  ;)


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