What is the Triple Gem?


The Triple Gem is also known as the Three Jewels, the Three Treasures or the Triple Refuge


Triratna (Sanskrit) / Tiratna (Pali)


Triple Gem is the collective term used to describe Buddha, Dhamma (Pali) or Dharma (Sanskrit) and Sangha. 


A practicing Buddhist takes refuge in Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha and often begins their spiritual path by formally declaring this intention during a brief ceremony.


There are slight variations on how these Three Refuges can be defined and as such I will summarize each according to my layperson understanding/interpretation and then list a number of scholarly and more in-depth references for those who want to penetrate deeper into the teachings.  


Buddha fully awakened, enlightened or liberated one


By taking refuge in Buddha I acknowledge the existence and follow the teachings of the historical Siddartha Gautama also known as Shakyamuni.   I also seek refuge in the wisdom and teachings offered by all the Buddhas that have and will follow.  By doing so, I  recognize that all sentient beings have the potential to awaken and be liberated from suffering. 


Dhamma in the context of the Triple Gem, represents the teachings of a Buddha or the Law of Truth


By taking refuge in Dhamma I seek refuge in Truth. Truth that is not based on faith or dogma but based on my own direct inquiry and investigation into the nature of existence.


Sangha  a community of monks or nuns, or a group of individuals that have achieved a certain level of understanding, or can simply apply to a group of  individuals that share a common practice or set of values


By taking refuge in the Sangha, my intention is to share and contribute to creating a harmonious community where its members support each other in the understanding of Dhamma


I take refuge in Buddha
I take refuge in Dhamma
I take refuge in Sangha


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May all beings be free from suffering