I am constantly fumbling and stumbling along this path that I have chosen. However, it seems like every once in a while I get up smiling and realize that "something" was smiling before I fell, while I fell, and always. These rare and fleeting moments of awareness are what make it possible for me to take that next step on this journey that seems to have no end. Aside from my gurus and guides, it is thanks to the teachings and wisdom found in some of the resources below that I began this journey.

The LEARN portion of this site shares resources that present philosophies and teachings that fellow seekers of Truth (in whatever form that Truth takes) may find useful. Below you will find a list of websites, meditation centers, temples and groups that may give you direction, inspire you to establish a contemplative practice of your own, or simply give you something to think about.

Although you will find that I tend to list predominantly Buddhist resources, I feel that the core teachings offered (as in all the wisdom traditions) are truly non-sectarian and universal.

May you awaken your awareness to the Truth...the Truth that lies within you, in the world around you and in this very moment.



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